Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring/Summer Races

Those words seem fitting right now. I've been thinking a lot since I ran the Princess Half in Disney World and I realized that I am much stronger and much more capable than I thought. Let's be honest for a minute. My training for the half was pretty slack. I basically did one long run every weekend for two months, peaking twice at 8 miles. And I ran a half marathon! Would I recommend doing that to others? No, I think it is very important to train properly and I'm very thankful I was not injured. In fact, I didn't have any pain during my half until the sides of my thighs got super tight at mile 12 (which I think is amazing in itself).

If I can achieve a half with that sad "training" plan, just think of the possibilities if I commit myself to training!

I just completed a 5k run this past weekend (benefitting Strathcona County Victim Services). While it was no 26,000 person race - there were about 200 runners - it was a lot of fun and supported a great cause. I got a new PR for my 5k distance (35:00 exactly!) and I did the entire 5k without a walk break! I'm so proud of myself, since that's the farthest I've ever gone without a walk break!

I'm also signed up for a few other races this spring/summer:

May 12 - 10k Mother's Day Run
July 6 - Color Me Rad 5k
July 27 - Run for Women 10k
August 25 - Edmonton Marathon

Oh yeah...I signed up for my first FULL marathon! What?! Am I crazy? Yes. Yes, I am. But I know that if I train, I can do this. I'm not aiming for a particular finish time. I just want to finish. It's scary, but it's also really exciting. I don't know if this will be the first and last marathon I ever run, but I'm ready to challenge myself and prove to myself that I am so much more capable that I ever imagined.

Now, I'm off to run 10k in the beautiful spring weather #PoweredByBits! I'll have a review of Energy Bits posted soon!

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