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Energy Bits Review

I've been reading a lot about Energy Bits on Twitter and on many blogs lately. I was interested because it seemed like every review I read praised these bits and highly recommended them. After a fun Twitter chat about a month ago, I was contacted by one of the Energy Bits team (Jonathan Levitt, who is absolutely fantastic at getting back to me ASAP and answering my many, many questions!). During our chat, he offered to send me a sample of Energy Bits to try out for myself! Awesome!

Source: Energy Bits

Now, you are probably wondering what exactly are Energy Bits. Energy Bits are small pill-shaped food made from 100% spirulina algae - and that's it! These bits are all natural (no caffeine and no additives!) and contain only 1 calorie per bit. A typical serving size is about 30 bits, so for 30 calories, you can't go wrong. Algae has some amazing health benefits, but I will let Energy Bits tell you more eloquently than I could:

Want more energy, more mental vitality, or a healthy high protein snack you can grab on the go? How about a quick way to boost your athletic performance, supercharge your run or crank up your endurance while working or working out? If so, ENERGYbits® are for you. Made from 100% organicallly grown spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients, ENERGYbits® algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%) all for just one calorie per tab. Endorsed by the United Nations as the most nutritious food on earth, spirulina algae has been a favorite of Olympic gold medalists for decades and is a super food in every sense of the word, delivering instant and enduring energy to your brain and body.

Best used for:

  • Increasing Energy 
  • Increasing Endurance
  • Increasing Mental Vitality
  • High Protein Snack
  • Curbing Hunger 
  • Meal Replacement
  • Balancing Blood Sugar
  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Reducing Fatigue

Now that sounds pretty good! I received my sample last week with a bunch on information on algae. I actually find it so interesting how good algae is for you and yet, in the western world, it's relatively unknown - until now. Energy Bits is spreading the word on the health benefits of algae and I'm excited to get on board with it too.

All the goodies I received from Energy Bits!

I'll be honest. The first thing I did when I received my sample was smell the bits. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but everyone says they smell and taste "green" or like a fish tank. I can now tell you that this is 100% true. Since I was expecting the fish tank smell though, it didn't really bother me. And although it isn't the most appetizing smell, the health benefits of the bits far outweigh a little "green" smell.

I used my bits the other day for my 10k run. About 15-20 minutes before I went for my run, I ate 30 bits. Normally around this time right before a run, I need a snack (often I'll eat a banana or a energy bar or similar). This time I just took the bits, so I could really see how they work - otherwise, I would be quite hungry within the first mile or two. I decided to swallow the bits with water (I did all 30 bits in two mouthfuls), both because it seemed easier than chewing but also because algae is an acquired taste and I didn't want to turn myself off them before I got to reap the benefits! They went down easy and since you generally are taking about 30 bits per serving, I would probably recommend swallowing them anyways.

I went for my 10k run and felt great. I've been highly stressed out lately, so I was amazed at how clear my mind was and how great my body felt. I had no stomach problems with the bits.  I will say - sorry to be gross for a moment here - that I was concerned about burping or coughing and tasting the "green fish tank" in my mouth, but there was absolutely no unpleasant aftertaste whatsoever! I wasn't hungry for my first several miles and refuelled as usual around mile 3-4. Next time, I want to bring my bits with me, so I can use those as my mid-race fuel instead of the sugar and caffeine packed gels I have been using.

I had enough bits left for a second try, so this time I decided to use them before my tap class. I was feeling pretty tired on my way to class. Plus, we are just about to compete with our tap routine this coming weekend, so I needed all the brain power and energy I could get! I took the rest of my bits (approximately 30 bits with a mouthful of water) about 15 minutes before my class started. Again, I felt alert and energized, without the buzz or the shakes that often accompanies caffeine or higher sugar energy snacks. I felt full without feeling bloated, which is especially great when you are moving around so much. Overall, I had a great tap class with energy to last the full class and then some! Normally my legs feel a bit like deadweight after a full hour of tapping, but that didn't happen when I used the bits. 

There is a downside to these bits though, since they don't come too cheap. You can buy a bag of 1000 bits for $115 on their website. However, when you consider the cost of the bits compared to a gel or energy bar or similar, the cost per serving is actually very close! The bits are natural though, so you don't have all the additives and sugars that many of the gels and energy bars have, which is a definite plus.

I've ordered my own full bag of EnergyBits now (I hope they come soon!) and I'm excited to use them on a regular basis, not just before/during activity. There are so many benefits to algae, so I'm hoping I can both cut down on caffeine and get myself through the mid-afternoon slump at work by being #PoweredByBits. Energy Bits has a few other types of bits as well, including Recoverybits, Skinnybits and Vitalitybits, which are all great in their own way as well. Check out their website if you are interested in learning more about algae and the benefits of being #PoweredByBits!

If you are interested in trying out some bits for yourself, I have a sweet discount for all my readers! Use the code IRONRING at the checkout on EnergyBits.com for 30% off!

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Note: I was provided with a complimentary sample of Energy Bits to try. However, all the opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.


  1. Love your blog name, I'm a fellow engineer! I've been wanting to try EnergyBits for awhile now so thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks Nikki! I'm glad you liked my blog - I'm still new to this whole blogging thing and figuring it out as I go!

    EnergyBits are definitely something worth trying! There are just packed with so many great nutrients and vitamins. I've joined them as an ambassador, so I will have my own sweet discount code soon if you are interested in trying some!

  3. I found your blog when I googled reviews of this product! I'm glad it worked for you. Are you still using them to fuel your long runs? I'm looking for natural products as GUs and other similar ones are too hard on my system. Is there another DC code than the one that you've provided? I'd love to try some but the cost is rather high.

    1. Sorry - my comment notification must not have come through for your comment! Yes, I use them for physical activity, like my long runs, as well as when I need an energy boost! They are great for an all-natural alternative to the typical fuels you can find. Unfortunately, the 30% off is the best discount I can offer (and that I have actually found, before I was a brand ambassador). I will be doing a giveaway shortly - I'm hosting the #PoweredByBits chat on Tuesday, July 16 at 9pm EST - but there is a sampling program available now! If you would like more info, DM me on twitter (@msmegans) and we can arrange to have a sample sent to you for a low cost! Please let me know if you have other questions!

  4. Thanks for your review on both times you used them!I won a sample and tried them on my 8 mile walk yesterday and thought they really helped. I too found your review through google and used your discount to place my 1st order. Patty

    1. Awesome! So glad to hear you loved them and will now also be Powered by Bits! Please let me know if you have any other questions and I would be happy to help :)